Saturday, January 14, 2006

John Thompson travels to India

In November John Thompson, Illustration faculty returned from a trip to India for Syracuse University. "We are trying to start a program abroad there combining South Asian Studies with Art. Professor Susan Wadley, an Anthropologist, and I traveled through North Central India for three weeks exploring the potential for bringing students over as early as January 2007. We landed in New Delhi, and traveled to Nawalgarh and Jaipur, Rajasthan, Agra, and eventually ended up at a very small village in Utter Pradesh called Karimgunj. Professor Wadley has been studying this village for over 30 years. There I got to experience a part of India that I would have never seen as a tourist."

"As an illustrator, I naturally felt that that to get this program started, I needed to demonstrate the visual possibilities of studying in India. Several paintings are now in progress and in October there is an exhibition scheduled in the Dean’s Gallery in Crouse College. My goal is to paint at least 10 fairly large-scale paintings for this show. We will then begin recruiting students to accompany me on my return to India."

John said the initial 3-credit course proposal will begin as a two-week research trip to New Delhi and travel through Rajasthan and Agra. Students will then continue the course back on campus where the students will complete the body of work based on their research. Although this program was initially conceived for undergraduate students, John is open to the idea of extending it to graduate students. For those of you that would be interested in such a course please let John know.

John Thompson
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