Friday, September 14, 2007

American Graphic Design Award given to Richard Zeid, ADD Class of '04, for logo design

Asparagus' logo, designed by Richard Zeid Design, received an American Graphic Design Award given by Graphic Design:USA.

After more than three decades of holding this competition, a remarkable 10,000+ media diverse entries nationwide were submitted this year. The chosen pieces, and their creators, represent the best and brightest in graphic design today.

Asparagus is a newly opened restaurant in Northwest Indiana serving a blend of dishes from Viet Nam, Thailand, France, and the Americas. The name refers to the vegetable’s role in each of the cuisines featured on the restaurant’s uniquely blended menu.

About the design: Creating a formal mark using the asparagus was the centerpiece of the logo. Finding a complimentary and
modern type treatment was key in expressing the blend of classic and modern seen throughout the restaurant and even the menu.

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