Thursday, February 02, 2006

Paul Diamond ADD '04

Fresh – This milk is so fresh. There’s a good chance that you passed the cow on your way to the store.

This comforting package design for Shatto Milk, a family-owned and -operated dairy farm near Kansas City, MO, was featured in the 2005 Communication Arts Design Annual. Half-gallon glass bottles feature five product benefits – “icy cold, family, pure, fresh and yummy.” The glass bottle packaging evokes a simpler time while giving the brand a premium look that helps it standout on the product shelf.

The design was handcrafted by Paul Diamond, Sullivan, Higdon and Sink senior art director, who said, “The design speaks to the consumer who is craving authenticity.”

Diamond created a new logo for the farm to enhance the 50s bottle shape and to revive the nostalgic feel of milk-delivered-to-your-door-days. “Beyond the satisfaction of being recognized for great work by such a prestigious publication, it’s especially satisfying that we’re helping a genuine family farm not only stay in business but thrive,” said Diamond.

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